Born from the SEP program (Save Energy Program), it is the result of the continuous evolution of the elevator product developed through constant research of new materials and technologies, aimed primarily at reducing energy absorption.

98% of the mass of each lift for home PLANET, it is fully recyclable and a permanent-magnet very high efficiency motor gearless drives it.

The excellence and quality of the materials allows to significantly reduce the energy consumption for the year and is a guarantee of reliability and efficiency.

An innovative technology, combined with the experience and the expertise of our technical department, minimise interventions.

PLANET is characterised by the complete absence of the machinery room, a perfect lift for home where there is no space.

The KAPPA-SYSTEM control system based on a sophisticated and reliable digital technology controls all the devices with the latest generation of Serial CAN BUS system.

The control module and system control, inserted into the of the landing door profiles, is extremely small and perfectly integrated.

The controllers has a fast and simple maintenance in any emergency interventions, making them inaccessible and protected during the lift normal operation.

The suspension ropes of the PLANET lift for home are manufactured with special high quality materials and are certified to the highest applicable safety standards. The level of flexibility and wear resistance guarantee the performance never achieved by traditional systems.

The small diameter of the suspension ropes allows the use of pulleys with 50% less diameter than conventional systems; reducing the overall dimensions and simplifying the installation.

The absence of mechanical organs and lubricants reduces the frequency of maintenance interventions.

The very reduced noise of the motor and disc brake, together with inverter speed control, ensure excellent comfort for the passengers.

Planet is the adaptable lift for home to different architectural situations, favored by the perfect balance between: process and product standardization with specific client requirements.

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