The presence of a platform lift and elevator in your building can give to the whole structure a greater value and a better efficacy as response to the vertical transportation needs.

For this reason, we have provided for all our clients a practical and customizable solution that will allow them to choose the most useful lift for the vertical transportation of goods accompanied by people with no range or size limit.

Robust and powerful, the Millepiani platform lift represent the maximum reliability and safety.

Why choose a platform lift

Installing a platform lift to be able to meet every need of vertical transportation within businesses, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and all spaces in which vertical transportation needs are also important for groups of people, together with very bulky and also very heavy objects.

The operation of our platform lifts are to be able to satisfy any need for vertical mobility, in any context: from large spaces ore restricted ones, our portfolio of solutions is based on specific situations, helping the client to achieve unexpected levels of effectiveness and satisfaction in every choice.

An enjoyable rediscovery of their residential, commercial, industrial and service space, extended to all the people of whom you want to have a deep care and attention.

Our proposal

Our platform lift are designed to offer the best and simplest solutions to our clients, putting their own characteristics ahead of practical, reliable and strong solutions. Our proposal will follow you at every stage of the design, production, installation and use of the product, allowing you to count on experienced consultants who will share with you the correct size, loading rates and durations of the lifts.

Our platform lift are suitable to the requirements of any vertical transportation needs, ensuring also special finishes in the case of passenger’s transportation in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, private homes with special needs, and more.
Relying on innovative technology, our platform lift ensure you the highest accuracy in the shutdown process on the landing floors, and the highest reliability of each component.

With hydraulic or electric drive, the platform lift are fully customizable depending on the characteristics of the environment and conditions of use, thus satisfying every request for the cabin design, installation of special control panels and other components that will enrich the value your choice.

A comfortable and convenient solution, that we are pleased to offer you in Australia with hundreds of different variations, with the target to manage to locate the passenger and goods lifts ensuring the best fruition of any space.

Platform lift price and cost

In order to have a quotation or platform lift price, we recommend you to contact us: we will be happy to offer any detail about our possible interventions, and prepare together with you the first steps in order to improve the efficiency in the use of your residential and non-residential spaces.

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