Millepiani Elevators uses a unique system for each installation and type of elevator or home lift.

The production in Millepiani Elevators _ is the result of a careful examination of the production requirements and installation through the use of high-quality products, in full compliance with international standards, and the TUV laboratory test.

The standardisation of some components also facilitates compliance with the delivery times imposed by the most extreme needs of the market.

The project entitled “KAPPA SYSTEM” uses a digital method of serial communication called CAN (Controller Area Network). By using high-tech microprocessors, allows the configuration of the entire system thanks to a distributed architecture (framework, cabin compartment and remote location), based on the peripheral modules that handle events to and from all devices of the elevator.

The processing and assembly of the entire order is realised through the adoption of an advanced ERP program, able to better manage inventory and requirements.

The adoption of the “barcode” system for articles management allows a greater rationalisation with the goal of zero defects in the shipment.

Another benefit to the quality is the information on compliance with the EN12015 and EN12016 standards regarding electromagnetic compatibility. The Kappa-System is also approved for electrical safety testing, environmental thermal stress and vibration, surpassing the stringent checks carried out at TUV laboratories.

Our products

Control Panels electric products
Control Panels for Hydraulic systems
Control Panels for Electric systems
Control Panels for MRL systems

The particular structure KAPPA-SYSTEM project allows to realise in a particularly compact way the main part of the control panel. The result is the total absence of obstacles on the landing, as the panel is integrated in the entrance of the landing door.

Pre-wired system
By adopting of serial communication across the board (panel – floors – cabin), the construction of pre-wired can be cheaper and more versatile, allowing also a widespread management diagnostics, locally and remotely. The extreme versatility of KAPPA-SYSTEM project is particularly suitable for modernisations of electrical and hydraulic systems.

Push buttons and indicators

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