ricerca-sviluppoSince the beginning, the research and development activity is a key asset for Millepiani Lifts: we believe that the ability to innovate and propose new solutions, are between the mots defining characteristics of our success.

For these reasons, Millepiani Elevators Lifts has invested and continues to invest heavily in research and development, and in training, by allocating to these activities the profits accrued over the past years. A commitment equivalent to raising the expenses with R&D not only to a mere budget burden, but to key investments to ensure the company to rising as a leader in the sector, able to blaze new innovative frontiers in the Italian and international markets.

To the above, can be added the frequency of a constant updated training program, which Millepiani Elevators provides for its own consultants, enabling the technical office to maintain an elevated and constant level of competence and reliability.

The objectives of the Research and Development program are:

» Designing innovative products and solutions in home lifts and elevators
» To provide our clients tools to facilitate their work on site
» Ensuring effective monitoring of the installed equipment from escalators to stair lifts
» Improves in terms of efficacy and efficiency of internal production processes
» To enrich and develop the company’s heritage of technical knowledge

If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, please contact our staff using the contact details that you can find at the end of this page.

It will be our pleasure to share with you our passion, and show what we can do to improve your experience of mobility in private spaces or public places.

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