anlev escalator scale mobiliMillepiani Elevators, official and exclusive partner for Italy of Anlev Escalator presents the line of escalators; these products complete the product range by which the company is on the vertical transportation and the automated mobility market.

As a distributor, directly ensures the excellent quality of components that, together with the professionalism in the installation and subsequent maintenance, helps to put this series of products in the market where reliability and functionality are the basic elements.

The choices and technological solutions of our escalators and our moving walkways that are proposed to meet key requirements: on one hand ensure travel comfort and efficiency of the product to the user; the other eliminating the problems often derived from the installation and the maintenance of the systems. All this to provide the highest levels of quality and reliability.

In addition, the escalators provided by GRUPPO MILLEPIANI comply with all national and international safety standards.

The range is divided into three types of products:

Escalators ideal for light to medium traffic (private, small shopping centers, hotels, offices, etc), having as main feature the comfort when moving combined with the very low noise, without compromising on speed and safety.

Escalators specific for the public service and high traffic conditions (airports, train stations, subways, exhibition centers, etc. ..), is particularly adaptable to specific customer requirements, maintaining its characteristics of basis such as comfort and sturdiness.

Moving walkways are the safety moving walkways, reliable, efficient and easy to maintain, are suitable for airports, railway stations, subways, hypermarkets and exhibition centers.


The escalators and moving walkways are the main reference point in the modern public transportation.

The business activities benefiting of the use of escalators and moving walkways: Such benefit is the result of the increase in customer flow; made possible by homogeneous turnout at all levels, through optimal user trapping and high transport capacity without interruption. The sum of these factors results in better economic results for businesses.

Energy-efficient solutions

The GRUPPO MILLEPIANI systems are available with continuous operation at steady speed, from start to shutdown.

Alternatively, any escalator by GRUPPO MILLEPIANI can be equipped with:
Stand-by command, by VVF control with two speeds. The system operates at the synchronous speed and reduces it when the absence of user, thus allowing a lower energy consumption, a reduction up to 52% of the motor peak when compared with conventional engines and reduced components wear when compared to a normal continuous operation or start command / automatic engine stop;
Start / stop automatic engine command, that can be adjusted from the footrests, photoelectric cells or integrated optoelectronic devices (radar) for detecting the user approaching and to start the plant. The time interval from the passage of the last user to shutdown the system can be customised according to the customer needs.

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