The most modern technologies were used for the production process of Pixlight, the lightest and robust cabin for elevators ever produced.

The polished aluminum structure or glazed with laminated plastic panels or made of safety glass, transparent or back painted, the pure material of great brightness and luster to increase the feeling of space, resistance, sophistication, elegance and modernity are only some of the sensations perceived in a Pixlight cabin; always well integrated within the vertical transportation system.
To the above we also add an incredible vastness of choices: the range of finishes that Millepiani Elevators Lifts makes available in fact ensures more than 1 200 possible combinations, and thus allows integration in full stylistic synergy in any environment, from the most modern to classic.

Elements, those mentioned above, which enabled the Pixlight line to become a favorite choice of the large national and international clients of Millepiani Elevators Lifts, Pixlight had the advantage of storing continuous investment in research and development, and being capable of conducting important fruits to its clients.

The Pixlight line with such specificities can thus represent the most efficient and aesthetic appeal solution for integration into private and public ambient, generating real added value in any place, and transferring the incomparable sensations of pleasure in the system fruition.
If you want to learn more about Pixlight line and all the benefits that can be obtained by the choice of installations belonging to this collection, we suggest you to contact our consultants at the addresses you can find at the bottom of this page. It will be our pleasure to make an appointment and a possible first inspection, intended to clarify any technical and economic aspect about your new vertical transportation solution.

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